PDF Creator: Create your own PDF

PDF documents have earned their place as the preference file type for many as they are practical, universal, have security options and can protect information. For these reasons handbooks and brochures are released in PDF format in replacement of paper.


PDF Creator is a handy tool for creating PDF files from a virtual printer to convert various files to the standard established by Adobe: PDF (Portable Document Format).

Creating PDF files from any element

PDF Creator installs easily and is able to source anything it can convert to PDF, basically anything that can be printed. To do this program installs a virtual printer module for creating PDF documents. Like any other printer, PDF Creator supports print settings.

PDF File Security

Once you create the PDF file you can set a number of measures to protect the document and its contents. PDF Creator allows you to restrict changes to the file, prevent printing, digitally sign the file to ensure the authenticity of the author, encrypt it and even set a password.

Customizable settings

PDF Creator is flexible and offer adjustable settings that allows you to create your perfect PDF document. The main adjustments appreciates quality, size of the final file, merge multiple documents into a single file, and so on. The user has full control over the resulting document.